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Terms and Conditions Agreement

By enrolling in classes at Macca Academy, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Monthly Payment:

    • Tuition fees are payable monthly, due on the 1st of each month.
    • Late payments may incur a fee, and class access may be temporarily suspended until fees are settled.
  2. Class Scheduling:

    • Classes are available for students of all ages, starting from 4 years old and open to adults.
    • Schedules are flexible, with sessions offered throughout the day and night based on availability.
    • Most classes are designed for one student per session, ensuring personalized attention.
    • Some classes may accommodate two or more students (up to 5) for collaborative learning experiences.
  3. Class Duration:

    • Class durations are flexible, offering options of 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or one hour sessions.
  4. Monthly Commitment:

    • Enrolled students are committed to a minimum of one month of classes.
    • Cancellations within the month are subject to the refund policy.
  5. Age Requirements:

    • Students must meet age criteria for specific classes, especially those focused on younger learners.
  6. Language of Instruction:

    • Classes are conducted in Arabic, English, or a third language based on the selected course.
  7. Islamic Studies and Quran:

    • Islamic studies and Quran courses are integral parts of the curriculum, incorporating religious principles and teachings.
    • Respectful behavior, language, and dress in accordance with Islamic principles are mandatory.
  8. Coding and AI Courses:

    • Coding and AI courses are designed to provide students with practical skills in technology.
    • Additional technical requirements may be specified for these courses.
  9. Curriculum and Content:

    • Macca Academy reserves the right to modify the curriculum or content to enhance the learning experience.
  10. Attendance and Participation:

    • Regular attendance is encouraged for optimal learning.
    • Active participation in class discussions and activities is expected.
  11. Assessments and Progress:

    • Periodic assessments may be conducted to gauge student progress.
    • Feedback on student performance will be provided regularly.
  12. Cancellations and Rescheduling:

    • Students must provide at least 24 hours’ notice for class cancellations or rescheduling.
    • Failure to provide sufficient notice may result in the deduction of the class session.
  13. Code of Conduct:

    • Students are expected to adhere to a respectful and positive code of conduct.
    • Disruptive behavior may result in a warning, suspension, or termination of enrollment.
  14. Technical Requirements:

    • Students must ensure they have the necessary technology and internet connectivity for online classes.
    • Specific requirements for coding and AI courses may be provided.
  15. Privacy and Recording:

    • Classes may be recorded for educational purposes. Students consent to these recordings.
  16. Refund Policy:

    • Refunds may be granted under specific circumstances, subject to review and approval.
  17. Termination of Enrollment:

    • Macca Academy reserves the right to terminate a student’s enrollment for repeated violations of terms or disruptive behavior.
  18. Communication:

    • Important announcements and communication will be shared via email or the online learning platform.
  19. Parent/Guardian Responsibilities:

    • For students under 18, parents/guardians are responsible for monitoring and supporting their child’s online learning experience.
  20. Materials and Resources:

    • Students are responsible for obtaining required textbooks or additional learning materials specified for the course.
  21. Instructor Changes:

    • Macca Academy reserves the right to make changes to assigned instructors when necessary.
  22. Modification of Terms:

    • Macca Academy reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions. Any changes will be communicated to enrolled students in advance.
  23. Feedback and Suggestions:

    • Students are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions for improving the learning experience.
  24. Islamic Etiquette in Online Learning:

    • Students are expected to maintain Islamic etiquette during virtual classes, including modest dress and respectful behavior.
  25. Technical Support:

    • Technical support will be provided to assist students with any issues related to online learning platforms or connectivity.
  26. Third Language Courses:

    • If a third language is selected, courses will be conducted in that language, and additional language-specific requirements may apply.
  27. Interactive Learning:

    • Classes may involve interactive elements, such as discussions, group projects, or collaborative activities.
  28. Assistance for Special Needs:

    • Macca Academy is committed to providing assistance and accommodations for students with special needs. Please inform us of any specific requirements.
  29. Independent Study Courses:

    • Some courses may be designed for independent study, and students are expected to manage their learning schedules accordingly.
  30. Additional Charges:

    • Additional charges may apply for specialized materials, exams, or optional services.
  31. Professionalism:

    • Students are expected to conduct themselves professionally, respecting instructors and fellow learners.
  32. Islamic Ethics in Coding and AI:

    • In coding and AI courses, students are expected to adhere to Islamic ethics and values in their projects and applications.
  33. Access to Quranic Resources:

    • Students in Quran and Islamic studies courses will be provided access to online Quranic resources and tools.
  34. Flexible Learning Paths:

    • Macca Academy recognizes different learning paces and offers flexibility in progressing through courses.
  35. Interactive Quranic Recitation:

    • Quran courses may involve interactive recitation sessions for improved pronunciation and Tajweed.
  36. Holiday and Special Events:

    • Macca Academy may observe holidays, and the class schedule may be adjusted accordingly.
  37. Collaborative Coding Projects:

    • Coding courses may involve collaborative coding projects to enhance teamwork and practical skills.
  38. Islamic Artifacts in Studies:

    • Islamic studies courses may include the study of Islamic artifacts, encouraging a comprehensive understanding.
  39. Research and Reference Materials:

    • Students are encouraged to engage in additional research and refer to supplementary materials to deepen their understanding.
  40. Feedback on Teaching Methods:

    • Macca Academy welcomes feedback on teaching methods, and adjustments may be made based on constructive suggestions.
  41. Continuous Learning Opportunities:

    • Macca Academy may offer continuous learning opportunities, workshops, or webinars for enrolled students.
  42. Community Building:

    • Macca Academy aims to foster a sense of community among students, promoting collaborative learning and mutual support.
  43. Continuous Improvement:

    • Macca Academy is committed to continuous improvement in course offerings, teaching methods, and overall learning experience.

By enrolling in classes at Macca Academy, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions.