Nour AL Bayan

Noor Al-Bayan course lerns you how to read the Arabic Alphabets and words and then recite some short verses of Quran.

Kids can begin from the age of five.

We take the responsability of teaching the children with easy and interesting way this will develop the love of the child towards Quran.

A method established by Sheikh Tariq Al-Saeed from Sharkia Governorate (Egypt)

We build this cruiclum to help kids read Arabic words in addition to enabling the child to read the Qur’an, with the knowledge of the Tajweed rules.

The Course starts with your child step by step from teaching them to how to read Arabic words to the level of reading the Holy Quran easily

Skills acquuired by the end of the curriculum:
– Identify the name and shape of the character in the first word,the middle and the last.
– Identifying the sounds of the characters in its four types (Dammah – Fatha – Kasra – Sokon)
– Identifying the sounds of the characters with Mudood (Alef – Wow – Ya’a)
– Know the correct directions of the letter
– The ability to merge sounds to words from letters that have already been studied.
– The skill of analyzing words to the sounds of characters that have already been studied.
– The ability to spell words and read the words of characters already learned.
– The skill of writing words or sentences of letters that you have already learned.

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