Islamic Studies

In this course we teach our students to learn basic Islamic principles, Dua’s, and how to make salah. The teachers motivate their students to become practicing Muslims. We teach our students etiquettes for a blessed life like etiquette of Mosque, Quran recitation and dealing with people etc.

Macca Online Academy firmly believes that by educating our children in a balanced way they will grow up to be good Muslims who will thereby automatically become good citizens and part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Primary Students enrolled in Islamic Studies as an elective do not need extra lessons in religion after school, as it sufficiently covers the requirements for a Moslem to know about Islam.

Islamic studies allow students to attain foundational and solid Islamic knowledge, and that’s something a lot of our students are seeking for. About 98 per cent of our students are Muslim. Our students study for personal development, interest or passion purposes. Islamic studies give them the knowledge and skills they’re seeking for.

Students develop the ability to express the knowledge they have gained. They also develop their communication, analytical and writing skills, which is a very important part of their growth. For undergraduates, these skills usually need nurturing as they head into the world of employment.”

And, through our collaboration with ISRA, we’re experts in the field of Islamic studies.

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