How to Become a Hafiz?

How many hafiz Quran in the world are there? Well, nobody can tell you the exact number of people who are Hafiz, but it is estimated that there would be many lucky people worldwide. A hafiz is a keeper of the Quran and refers to a person who has memorized the Quran and can recite it by heart.

Anyone can become a hafiz, but some find it a very daunting task. For those who don’t know how to become a hafiz, we have come up with simple steps to follow in this post. Continue reading the post to learn the simple steps, the rewards for a hafiz, and everything in between.

How to Become a Hafiz

A lot of Muslims want to learn Quran, but they don’t know how to become a hafiz. Following are a few instructions and tips that you can follow on how to memorize Quran much easier and faster and become a hafiz:

Allocate Specific Time for Memorization

Avoid memorizing Quran at random times throughout the day since it will cause difficulty in continuing the process. Rather, find a suitable time to set aside for memorizing Quran. To attain the best results, it is recommended to start memorizing a new lesson after Fajr. It is believed to be the best part of the day to accommodate new things. Another great time to memorize Quran is before going to bed. Research has shown studying before sleeping helps in remembering what you have learned after waking up.

Set Regular, Realistic Goals

Learning the entire Quran in a single day, week, or month is utterly unachievable. You need to show consistency and patience for memorizing it. Additionally, you should set daily targets that you have to meet every day.

Here are the steps to follow in this regard on how to become a hafiz:

  • Remember not to set your daily goal too high.
  • Decide the portion of Quran that you are going to learn on one day
  • Don’t stop until you memorize that portion completely.

Revise Regularly

Apart from memorizing a new chapter of the Quran at the starting of your session, it is also important to revise what you have memorized in the past lessons. Those who don’t recite it regularly eventually forget what they have learned so far. This can be seen through the following hadiths:

Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) said: “When one who had committed the Quran to memory (or who is familiar with it) gets up (for the night prayer) and recites it night and day, it remains fresh in his mind, but if he does not get up (for prayer and thus does not recite it) he forgets it.” [Sahih Muslim]

On another occasion, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “Read the Quran regularly. By the One in Whose Hand Muhammad’s soul is, it escapes from memory faster than a camel does from its tying ropes.” [Sahih Bukhari]

Keep reading and repeating the verses of the Quran that you have learned before, even while doing home chores. This way, these verses will be stored in your mind permanently. If you skip revising the old lessons, you will eventually forget them, and there would be no point in going forward. Some revise the previous lessons on the daily basis, while others opt to do this once or twice a week.

Here is a detailed guide on how to revise Quran Hifz properly!

Find the Best Quran Hifz School

In this age of digital media, you can learn anything online. There are tons of online institutes for people who wonder how to memorize Quran with busy schedule. These institutes help people learn Quran with certified and professional Islamic teachers in an affordable manner. Find the best Quran Hifz school and enroll yourself in the online course.Macca Academy is a pioneering institute where you can find an expert tutor to learn the Quran online from your home.

Dua to Become Hafiz

A Muslim supplicating to Allah

Though there is no specific dua for how to become a hafiz, plenty of verses and supplications can be recited to increase knowledge. Before starting the process of memorizing the Quran, the first thing is to ask Allah SWT to increase your knowledge. This can be done through reciting the following verse:

“…My Lord, increase me in knowledge.” (Taha: 114)

It has been reported that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) often used to say: “O Allah, benefit me by that which you have taught me, and teach me that will benefit me, and increase me in knowledge. Praise is to Allah in all situations, and I seek refuge with Allah from the torment of the Fire.” [Sunan Ibn Majah]

Other duas to say to get Allah’s help in increasing knowledge are as follows:

“O, Allah, I ask You for knowledge that is of benefit, a good provision, and deeds that will be accepted.” [Ibn As-Sunni]

“O, Allah!  Make easy for me every difficult thing, with Your special favor and Kindness, for it is easy for You to make every difficult thing easy.”

“O, Allah! Grant me benefit in what you have taught me, and teach me useful knowledge and provide me with the knowledge that will benefit me.”

“…My Lord, expand [i.e., relax] for me my breast [with assurance]. And ease for me my task. And remove the impediment from my tongue. So, people may understand my speech” (Taha: 25-28)

How Long Does It Take to Become a Hafiz

There is no definite time of how long one will take to memorize the Quran. But having a rough estimate is important for motivation and making the schedule of Quran memorization. Typically, it takes somewhere between 3-5 years to become a hafiz. But there are also some students who have memorized the Quran within a couple of years or even before.

People often ask, “Is it possible to memorize the Quran in 1 year?”. Yes, however, it depends on the memory, time, and effort one puts in. If you are thinking about how to memorize Quran in 1 year, then you need to separate yourself from unnecessary activities and memorize nearly 16 verses per day.

Some people also ask, “How to memorize Quran in 30 days or how to memorize Qur’an in a month?”, “Is it possible to memoriSe Qur’an in 56 days?”, “How to become a hafiz in 6 months?”, etc. The answer to these questions is similar. Depending on how good your memorization is, this could take between one to multiple months. You can divide the number of verses to be covered in a day and plan your schedule accordingly to memorize the text faster.

How Hard Is It to Become a Hafiz

Memorizing Quran is not difficult as it is maybe the only religious book that millions of people globally have memorized to perfection. The process gets easier with proper guidance and expert help on how to become a hafiz.

What Is the Reward for Becoming a Hafiz

Reciting Quran from a Mushaf

Memorizing the Quran is an act of worship through which a Muslim seeks Allah’s pleasure and reward in the Hereafter. The benefits of being a hafiz are immense and are not limited to those mentioned below. Allah has given special rewards and privileges to the one who learns the Holy Quran in numerous ways in this world and the afterlife.

For instance, a person who memorizes and acts according to the teachings of Islam will enter Paradise. The virtue of the one who is proficient in Quran recitation can be clearly seen through the following hadith:

“One who is proficient in the Quran is associated with the noble, upright, recording angels; And he who falters in it, and finds it difficult for him, will have two rewards.” [Sahih Muslim]

A hafiz will be given special treatment on Judgement Day by Allah SWT and will receive an immense reward with every verse he recites in front of Him.

Abu Hurairah narrated that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “The one who memorized the Quran shall come on the Day of Judgement and (the reward for reciting the Quran) says: ‘O Lord! Decorate him.” So he is donned with a crown of nobility. Then it says: “O Lord! Give him more!’ So, he is donned with a suit of nobility. Then it says: “O Lord! Be pleased with him.’ So, He is pleased with him and says: “Recite and rise up, and be increased in reward with every Ayah.’” [Sunan At-Tirmidhi]

The importance of a hafiz in the sight of Allah’s Apostle (PBUH) can be seen through the following hadith:

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “There is to be no envy except for two: A man to whom Allah grants wealth, and he spends from it during the hours of the night and the hours of the day. And a man to whom Allah grants (memorization of) the Quran so he stands with it (in prayer) during the hours of the night and the hours of the day.” [Sunan At-Tirmidhi]

In addition to other rewards, a person who recites some part of Surah Al-Kahf will be protected from the trial of Antichrist. The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: “Whoever commits to memory the first ten Ayat of the Surat Al-Kahf, will be protected from (the trial of) Ad-Dajjal (Antichrist).” [Sahih Muslim]

In another narration, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “(Whoever commits to memory) the last ten Ayat of Surat Al-Kahf, he will be protected from (the trial of) Ad-Dajjal (Antichrist).” [Riyad As-Salihin]

Punishment for Hafiz

Reading and learning the Quranic verses are among the virtuous acts in the sight of Allah SWT. Conversely, if a person fails to act in accordance with Allah’s commands, he, therefore, incurs the anger of the Almighty.

Narrated by Samura bin Jundab that Allah’s Apostle (PBUH) said in his narration of a dream that he saw, “He whose head was being crushed with a stone was one who learned the Quran but never acted on it, and slept ignoring the compulsory prayers.” [Sahih Al Bukhari]

Become a Hafiz Online

The memorization journey of the Holy Quran is difficult but can become relatively easier if you know how to become a hafiz. With proper guidance and an expert tutor, this task is highly achievable.

Those longing to become a hafiz, Riwaq Al Azhar is their place. Only a few clicks are needed to begin such a rewarding journey by enrolling in our special Online Quran classes for beginners as well as Online Quran Memorization Course for Adults.

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